(Pounds Per Square Inch)
GPMCleaning UnitsPumpPower SupplyHose LengthSprayAvg. Rating
AR Blue Clean AR383 Review19001.5 2850Axial piston wobble plate pumpElectric 20 feetAdjustable spray head with turbo nozzle4.0
AR Blue Clean AR118 Review15001.522503 axial piston wobble plate pumpElectric 20 feetAdjustable nozzle4.1
Karcher K 5.540 Review 20001.42800Direct drive axial N-Cor pumpElectricity 25 feetVariable power spray wand3.8
Generac 6024 Review 30002.78100Axial cam pumpGas30 feetFive quick click nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees)4.1
Generac 6022 Review27002.3
6210Ab AR Axial CamGas 25 feetSingle wand with four quick connect tips4.0
PowerWorks 51102 Review17001.42380Wobble pumpElectricity 25 feetSingle wand gun and four quick connect spray tips4.3
Generac 6020 Review25002.35750Axial cam pumpGas 25 feetEasy to pull gun trigger4.1
Karcher K 2.350 Review 16001.252000Axial cam pumpElectricity 20 feetAdjustable spray wand3.9
Simpson PS3228 Review 32002.88960Industrial triplex pumpGas 25 feet5 extra tips4.1
Karcher G3050OH Review 30002.57500Direct drive axial pumpGas 25 feetKarcher’s patented pro style nozzles3.7
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