A person always seems to need to have something cleaned around the house. House siding, patio decks, or even a car may require more power than a normal hose can provide to get rid of dirt. It is helpful to clean sidewalks or driveways that have become filled with hidden dirt from age. No physical energy will be needed during cleaning when a person owns a power washer.

There are definitely important things to consider when reading an AR Blue Clean AR383 review. Price, water, pressure, and gallons used per minute are all essential items to keep in mind. It is also important to choose one which runs on electricity or gas. All of these issues will depend on how a person will use the machine. Here is a closer look at this pressure washer.

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Our Review

Ease of use

As much as the usability will go, this particular is simple to have your hands already set with. As soon as you power this device to the period it turns off after the use then you feel never out of the control or underpowered. Relocating this all-around, putting together it out of box, changing connections and also securing the garden hose almost all seem to be quite simple.


11 Amp powerful motor provides amazing power however without having the related noise. Believe it or not, this device is extremely silent even if utilizing the highly pressured spray tip. This is hence noiseless that you may use this in the midst of the evening and can never feel bothered about waking up the friends and neighbors.


Had AR383 been an excellent gas mower then I would have scored it 3.5 stars from 5 stars pressure washer available on the marketplace. On the other hand, as an electric-run washer, 1.5 GPM and 1900 PSI is a great deal of pressure to think with.


Having 1,900 PSI, 1.5 GPM you will not get an individual task which the AR383 cannot carry out throughout the home. I have made use of this to clean up the exterior walls, front yard and also my sidings. Almost all these particular tasks need a great quantity of pressure, particularly roof sidings because it is extremely high up.


One specific and good reason that the AR383 is victorious over other pressure washers without any doubt is the longevity. In contrast to the some other makes and models I have used, this exceptional one appears to be manufactured from premium quality elements. The only real issue in my see as much as sturdiness goes is hose adapter which has a tendency to sprout leaks occasionally.

Customer Support

AR383 is very reliable when it comes to customer service. I looked over in several reviews and learned that their particular customer support division is fast to answer the queries, get requests and even process the replacement components.

Who Should Buy It?

The AR383 is perfect for the homeowners to make several things cleaned time to time. You can get it also at a cheap rate.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have read this AR383 review with perfection then I claim that you are satisfied knowing about its best features. The AR383 features a highest pressure of 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM flow rate,, providing it a power score of 2850. This particular is very excellent for smaller electric pressure washer, and also this makes sure that you will be in a position to handle plenty of difficult cleaning jobs throughout the house.
AR Blue Clean AR383 Review Features

Features Of This Product

Here I have mentioned all the best features of this product for you which will help you know about this in particular.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

An average homeowner will consider a power washer with pressure between 1300 and 2600 psi. This AR Blue Clean power washer provides 1900 psi. This is the amount of power that forces dirt from the surface of objects. 1900 is plenty to remove dirt from surfaces all around the home.


GPM is the gallons per minute of water that the washer produces at a certain pressure. AR383 Electric Pressure Washer has a 1.5 GPM. Choosing the best combination of GPM to PSI is the key to effective cleaning.

Cleaning Units (Water Pressure X Water Flow)

Cleaning units is a crucial aspect for an AR Blue Clean AR383 review. Cleaning units help a consumer make a good comparison between different options on the market. It explains how efficient the washer will be. This value is estimated by multiplying the flow by the PSI. Obviously, the higher the numbers, the more dirt will be washed away. This washer has 2850 cleaning units. It will work well to clean essential items around the house like a car, deck, grill, or patio furniture.


This power washer comes equipped with an axial piston wobble plate pump. This is appropriate for necessary use around the home. The pump in this unit is attached to the motor that makes it spin faster than a belt driven pump.

Power Supply

This review also include which power supply the product uses. There are both electric or gas units available. This power washer is electric and includes a 30 foot power cord.

Hose Length

This power washer contains a 20 foot hose. This will allow a person enough room to get around objects that are far from the unit itself.


This power washer has a gun wand assembly with an adjustable spray head. It can rotate from a wide spray to a pencil thin spray, depending on what is being cleaned. There is also a bonus turbo nozzle that increases pressure and speed for ultimate performance.

Dimensions And Weight

Length: 11 inches
Width: 12 inches
Height: 28 inches


This item weighs approximately 27 pounds, so it is simple to move from place to place with ease.

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Additional Features

  • This AR Blue Clean AR 383 review must include the numerous positive features. This unit works with cold water.
  • To make the unit extremely portable, it includes a two wheel trolley with handle and a reel for the hose.
  • There is an automatic safety valve with pressure shutoff at the pump head. There is also an attachable bottle that will hold foam or soap.
  • The construction is extremely durable and will hold up for many years.
  • It is made from a mixture of plastic, copper, and aluminum. The electric motor is powerful and provides 11 amps of power.
  • It has extended manufacturer’s warrantee which will ensure you to be satisfied about this product for a long time.
  • It comes will all the required accessories which will save you extra bucks for buying other attachments.
  • This product is also cost effective but it provides the excellent features what you might not get from other products.


Included with the AR Blue Clean pressure washer is an accessory kit that includes a gun, adjustable jet nozzle, high pressure hose, and lance with foam dispenser. Certain customers also decide to purchase different hose connectors or packs of soap that is made specifically for pressure washing units.


  • Even though this unit is very lightweight, it supplies plenty of power to clean surfaces around the home including driveways, sidewalks, and outdoor furniture.
  • The different tips that come with the unit make it extremely convenient. There is no need to purchase other expensive tips.
  • All accessories and cords fit nicely in the unit, so there is no mess and nothing will get lost. There is a manufacturer one year limited warranty that adds confidence when buying this particular piece of equipment.
  • The pump of this pressure washer contains three stainless steel plungers. These are much more durable than other products that use plastic components.
  • This is designed to save energy with the latest TSS technology.
  • This is a cost-efficient product.
  • This is the most durable and portable unit which will assist you all of your cleaning tasks with ease.


  • Although this pressure washer has been received very well by consumers, there are a few negatives that must be addressed. The first con lies with the hose adapter.
  • Many users have found that it creates leaks while the machine is in use. To solve this problem, people have purchased a brass male to the male adapter at any local hardware store.
  • Other people have complained that the built in reel can make the hose tangle. It is simpler to loosely coil the hose and drop it over the handle’s top. In the end, it will save a lot of time and aggravation.
  • Some consumers reported against the missing parts of this product. So it is vital to inform the company if you find any parts missing.
  • There are also issues regarding the longevity of this product. The lifespan is a little bit short compared to other pressure washers available on the marketplaces.

Consumer Ratings

This review must examine how well it was rated by actual customers. This pressure washer received 4 out of 5 stars based on 388 reviews. This is a testament to its great functionality.

4 stars out of 5 stars is an excellent score which this unit has gained. Customers are satisfied using this unit and thus they have rated this with higher scores. All the best features, overall performance, pros and etc, make this product awesome on the marketplace.

There are many positive reviews left for this unique unit by its satisfied customers. Therefore, you should not have any negative thoughts about this product. Be happy!

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AR Blue Clean AR383


Power washers will range from very inexpensive to quite costly. This unit is relatively affordable, but will supply years of washing satisfaction. This is not as powerful as some commercial grade products on the market, but it will work well for household chores like washing the car or removing dirt from the driveway. A person will love how simple it is to use and how easy it is to move from place to place. The included accessory kit will save money on items that do not need to be purchased separately. In conclusion, this power washer will be a smart investment for home use.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are going to get all the answers regarding this product in this AR383 Review. I’m working hard to answer your queries so that you can be happy to know inns about outs about this one before you move to buy. Let’s find the FAQs here.

Question: So how does the detergent bottle operate on pressure washer?
Answer: The detergent works by making use of a siphon in bottle. This particular can siphon out your detergent solution at the ratio of 10:1. This dispenses the detergent solution below LOW pressure therefore it is only going to spray out approximately 2 – 3 feet from detergent bottle.

Question: May the power washer be kept outside the house or even in the freezing temperatures?
Answer: Of course, a power washer may be kept outside in the freezing temperatures if this continues to be given RV antifreeze or Pump Saver. The Pump Saver bottle features a molded cap which allows one on one connection to water inlet.

Question: Can an extension cable be utilized with the power washer?
Answer: Without a doubt, an extension cable may be utilized with the power washer. Still it should be a high quality extension cord which will either be 10 or even 12 gauges. As much as 100 feet of 10 gauges may be utilized.

Question: There is not any water flow from the spray gun when the trigger is pulled.
Answer: You should check to find out in case the Safety Lock is in locked/engaged position. There is a black switch on the front side of the trigger of the spray gun. In case the trigger lock is active, then the trigger cannot be dragged in for creating water.

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