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Generac 6024 Review


Generac 6024 ReviewThere are always large items around the house which require heavy duty cleaning. When a mere sponge is not enough, it may be time to consider a power washer. This type of equipment will come in handy to clean items like house siding, side walks  driveways, and outdoor furniture.

There are many units on the market that provide different amounts of pressure at various prices. It is important to compare the ability of each machine to understand whether or not it will get the job done. Some power washers run on gas while others run on electricity. Here is a closer look at a Generac 6024 review.


PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

There are various aspects of power washers that a home owner must examine before making a final decision. One of the most important is PSI. A typical machine will have PSI between 1300 and 2600. This Generac 6024 provides 3000 PSI that surpasses this amount. This proves how powerful this machine will be. PSI is the amount of power used to remove dirt and debris from the object being prepared for paint or being cleaned.


GPM or gallons per minute is the amount of water that the unit has while at a set pressure. This power washer has a 2.7 GPM.

Cleaning Units

Cleaning units are an important aspect to include in a Generac 6024 review. Cleaning units allow a consumer to accurately compare the power and performance between different products on the market. These units represent how effective the machine will work at getting rid of dirt. To calculate this number, a person must multiply water pressure times water flow. The higher the number, the better the washer will work. This Generac power washer has 8100 cleaning units. This is exceptionally high and proves how strong the machine will be. It is sure to clean hidden grime with ease.


This unit has an easy access axial cam pump. This means that a user will not need to kneel on the ground to connect hoses.

Power Supply

An important aspect of this Generac 6024 review is the way that it is powered. There are both electric and gas powered equipment on the market. This particular unit runs on gas. Gas powered pressure washers hold several advantages including the fact that they do not need electricity to run. There is no need to be near an outlet. They also often provide more power, so they take less time to clean large areas. They also tend to have longer life spans as well.

Hose Length

The hose on this Generac power washer is 30 feet. This is ample to reach hard places that are located away from the unit.


Included with this unit are five quick click nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees). This allows a person to blast, strip, or simply clean objects depending on the task.


Length: 17 1/2 inches
Width: 28 inches
Height: 43 inches


This power washer weighs approximately 68 pounds. Even though it is a bit heavier than other models, it is still easy to move because of the attached wheels.

Additional Features

This Generac 6024 review must include attractive additional features. For example, this unit is quite powerful with its 212cc OHV engine. It has a low oil shutdown feature that prevents damage when oil levels become too low. There is also an integrated unloader valve that allows for simple engine start up. The pump is easy to access and is engineered to work for many years. The design of the machine is compact, so it is easy to store or move from place to place. Unlike other products, the engine and pump are ideally balanced over the axle.


This machine comes with five quick click nozzle tips. This helps a person save money by not needing to purchase separate tips for different jobs. There are also two on board 3/4 gallon detergent tanks as well.


There are numerous positives to include in this Generac 6024 review. To begin, Generac has been a long time trusted brand that provides quality products to its customers. The powerful engine has a low oil shutdown feature to prevent damage. The engine oil is also included with purchase. Many users also enjoy the ease of access to the pump. The ergonomic spray guns are another positive with the soft grip and easy to pull trigger. The machine is easy to maneuver thanks to the balance between the pump and engine. The special footrest helps to stabilize the unit when starting a job. There are also user friendly controls including the on/off, fuel shutoff, and choke. There are safety features as well like an integrated spray gun holder that keeps the gun secure during transport. All of these features will assure power and convenience while cleaning objects around the house.


As with all positives, there are a few negative to mention in this Generac 6024 review. Certain users commented that leaks could occur from the hose. This can be remedied by purchasing different adapters from any local hardware store. Other users did not like the difficulties involved with draining the unit’s oil. It seems that the drain is located too close to the frame.

Generac 6024 Review

Consumer Ratings

It is important to view how well this power washer ranks with actual consumers. This Generac received 4 1.2 out of 5 stars. This demonstrates how well this unit was received and the good job it does at removing grime.


This final part of this Generac 6024 review must give a final note about price. This unit offers exceptional power that is heads above most on the market. It has wheels, so it is a portable unit and has a nice size hose to reach various areas of the house. It runs on gas, so it does not need electricity to run. The price of this washer will pay for itself in one use as hiring a professional company will cost much more. It will also save a great deal of time as well. This Generac 6024 will definitely make a worthwhile investment.

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