Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 ReviewWhen a person gets tired of scrubbing dirt away from large surfaces, a Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review may explain the benefits of owning this pressure washer. When a hose is not enough, it is time to consider a stronger cleaning machine. There are many brands on the market, and there are some features to consider before making a final decision.

Having a pressure washer on hand will save a great deal of time. Hiring a professional service will also cost a tremendous amount of money. Every pressure washer will provide a different source of power and water usage. Comprehending the facets of this unit will help a consumer make an informed decision. Here is a helpful Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review.



PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

To begin this Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review, it is important to discuss PSI. A normal unit will provide between 1300 and 2600 pounds per square inch. This machine has 2040 PSI. This means that the unit will work well to remove dirt from large surfaces.


GPM stands for gallons per minute that is pumped out of a pressure washer. This Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review will explain that the unit provides 1.76 GPM.

Cleaning Units (Water Pressure X Water Flow)

Cleaning units is an important feature to mention here. This number is a sign of the effectiveness of the machine when trying to remove stubborn dirt. To generate this number, a person should multiply water flow by PSI. Normally, a bigger number will mean that a great amount of dirt will be washed away with ease. This unit has 3,572.8 cleaning units. This is a good number and shows that it will work wonders around the home while cleaning siding, patio furniture, or other large items.


A pressure washer will only be as good as its pump. This unit is packed with power. It has an 1800 watt, 14.5 amp motor.

Power Supply

A pressure washer will either run on fuel or electricity. This unit is electric and must be plugged in for use. A Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review will convey the many benefits of owning an electric pressure washer. This type of machine is usually lightweight, portable, and will not pollute the environment.

Hose Length

Hose length will be important to read about in this review. This power washer will come with a 20 inch hose.


The spray of a pressure washer is important to discuss in this review. This machine comes with five quick connect spray nozzles that will allow the unit to go from a fine pencil spray to a lower pressure fan spray. It is very versatile and will be able to complete a wide range of cleaning tasks.


It is always helpful to understand the dimensions of a product as listed below.

Length: 15 1/2 inches
Width: 13 1/2 inches
Height: 34 inches


A Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 review will show how lightweight the unit is and list the weight at 31 pounds.

Additional Features

There are numerous features to mention in this review. To begin, the numerous spray tip options will tackle all types of cleaning jobs. The powerful motor will provide a great deal of punch in order to remove tough stains or dirt without a problem. The Total Stop System will automatically shut off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. This will save energy and make the most out of the pump life. The final feature to mention here is the dual detergent tank system that allows a person to store and carry different forms of cleaners as well.


There are often products that will go along with this pressure washer. A good review should explain the best accessories to buy when owning this pressure washer. One of the most useful items to purchase is an extension cord. This will expand the area that the unit will cover without the need to find a new outlet.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3000 Review 2


There are many positives to mention here. It cleans a great variety of dirt from a surface. This includes tar, oil, mildew, and rust. The unit comes with a garden hose adapter, so a person can clean things around the home like driveways, siding, or sidewalks. The dual compartment for detergent allows a person to carry different types of cleaners for various tasks. The extension spray wand will be able to reach tough places as well.


Despite the numerous positives, there are some cons to discuss here. Some users have experienced a slight leak with the hose adapter. To solve the problem it only takes a few minutes to make sure that the plastic fitting lines up properly to the hose. After it is secure, the leak should stop.

Consumer Ratings

It is extremely helpful to take a look at consumer ratings in this review. This unit has received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 24 consumer reviews. This proves that this pressure washer will provide great utility for various cleaning tasks.


The final part of this review will discuss about price. Overall, this unit is an excellent buy. A person will get a high quality unit that is versatile and powerful. It is ready to tackle all types of cleaning tasks. This review will end with a recommendation to anyone who is looking for a machine to help clean large items around the home without the need for physical exertion.

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