Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI

Are you tired attempting to wash away stubborn stain and dirt around your house? Can’t eliminate stubborn road tar and even insect splats on the car? The time is now to equip you with an electric-run pressure washer! By producing high-pressure water flow and with the choice to include some detergent, electric pressure washer provides complete power and comfort to both hands. In case you are looking for something powerful, you should take Sun Joe SPX3001 and Sun Joe SPX3000 into consideration. These two bring incredible power; however, they are a little bit different from one other. Which is the product that you need to get? Continue reading to find out more.

In this article, I will cover everything including features, pros and cons and so on about this pressure washer so that you can learn more and a happy buy.

 Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSIClick for latest low price Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSIClick for latest low price


Overview Of Sun Joe Spx3000

This SPX3000 power washer from Sun Joe arrives in a bright yellow color which tends to make it simpler to see throughout the night and day- many of the Sun Joe’s products are available in a similar color.

It has a dial for detergent selection that permits you to select if you want to make use of the detergent or not. The higher pressure setting for nozzle does not apply detergent as the lower setting for pressure is the one which utilizes the detergent. It has a small handle on the side of pressure washer which makes it simple to wrap the garden hose close to it and also keep it arranged. The hose adapter is situated on the front side of the cleaning device and offers you with a safe connection to the garden hose. The metallic garden hose connector creates a far greater connector than one which is made from plastic. The metallic connectors are much less prone to break and leak like the plastic connectors.

The wand features its place on the side of the washer in order that it can stay out of the way whenever you are storing this. There are 5 different nozzles which you will use just to fan out water to several degrees. You will find a 0-degree nozzle, which is the maximum pressure nozzle out there, accompanied by 15 – 25 – 40, and the detergent nozzles. This detergent nozzle is a lowest pressure nozzle out there, however, is the best one you need to use the soap.

Overview Of Spx3001

The SPX3001 power washer coming from Sun Joe is another best one on my list. It offers comparable to water pressure power PSI as SPX3000 offers, however, consists of a few of variations.

Very first of all, this weighs in at a bit more compared to 3000 model. One more thing which is different about SPX3001 is its design since you say from taking a look at the front side of this power washer. Just the 3000, this power washer also has a TSS (total stop system) which enables you to quit the pump whenever the cleaner is not being used. There are a couple of actions you have to take as soon as you get the device, and the assembly takes only about 10 -20 minutes.

This wand is mainly metallic and includes excellent brass threading for the hose. At the same time, the pressure tips are simple to make use of, and link just like the 3000 model and the cord is extended and features a GFCI outlet on the bottom. The device is additionally quite silent to be a pressure washer and might be ideal for any type of home or residential use.

Apart from a total cosmetic overhaul, you observe that Sun Joe chose to take their #1 pressure washer and allow it to be much better. Right here are a few of the similarities and differences between these 2 products:

Similarities Between These 2 Products

1. The SPX3001 can be the new alternative product for the SPX3000.

2. Still, both have the similar 14.5 amp -1800 Watt engine which produces 2030-PSI at 1.76-GPM

3. Both have a 20 feet garden hose and also 35-foot power cord.

Differences Between These 2 Products

1. You will observe that the most recent SPX3001 weighs in at 1lb more. This particular is very little contemplating this is nevertheless quite light weighing just in at 32 pounds.

2. Now the nozzles are on the top front of handle on SPX3001 vs. the back of handle on SPX3000.

3. The largest modification is the newest hose reel. Getting this reel helps make the cable management much simpler. On SPX3001 you simply covered the garden hose quietly and across the device manually, and it never was so simple. Now you just can turn the reel and then it will roll up. This modification is not missing on SPX3000.

4. One more significant change is that now you just have a single big detergent tank on SPX3001. In case you want to keep two different soaps then you may need to think about the SPX3000.

If you have gone through my review of Sun Joe SPX3000, after that you will understand that I appreciate this electric powered pressure washer and this is ranked quite high. Since the most recent product is out there, you might wish to think about buying this for couple of factors mentioned above. Still, the OLD product might be a greater purchase presently since it is less expensive and continues to have a dual detergent tank. In case you don’t need a dual detergent tank, after that, I will suggest the most recent product primarily.

 Sun Joe SPX3000 PSIClick for latest low price Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSIClick for latest low price


Summary And Options To Help You Choose The Right One

If you are a person who prefer quick and easy clean-up and storage, We suggest you to select Sun Joe SPX3001 to get the best benefits.

Spx3001 prices you much less compared to changing things immediately and totally. Inappropriate house preservation leads to a badly insulated house and also it will price you far more to stay warm.

Spx3001 can help you with this as this pressure washer frees your house of things which possess an effect on insulation of the home, both on the walkway and on the roof. At the same time you can save cash on hiring a pressure washer professional. This can be the best buy for you to use this for your home use.

On the flip side, spx3000 has all the latest features you need to complete your cleaning tasks with ease and comfort. If you need a pressure washer for your household use and willing to deal with hose reel storage ,then this is for you.


In conclusion, I must say that the two products mentioned above are the best products available on the marketplace. You can go for any. Both pressure cleaners are on the top and have all the required features, benefits and overall performance. I hope you have got much information about the pressure cleaners that will help you choose wisely.

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