Sun Joe SPX4001 Reviews
Deal with your most difficult home, auto and outdoor cleaning tasks with relieve with the particular Sun Joe SPX4001 Pressure Washer! Learn here more about Sun Joe SPX4001 Reviews.

This is full of pure power of 1800 watts, and 14.5-amp motor produces as much as 2030 PSI pressure to demolish each last amount of grime, gunk, grease, and dirt. Five Fast-Connect tips permit you to go from extreme jet to mild spray to match the cleansing activity, and also the onboard 54.1 oz detergent container allows you dial-in simply the right quantity of detergent to provide your cleansing a smooth procedure!

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Featuring the Sun Joe’s unique Pressure-Select Systems, the SPX4001 allows you choose the ideal pressure to fight grime and dirt with expert results, and also a Total Stop power (TTS) saving system built to conserve power and extend the life of the pump anytime the trigger is not active. Some other high quality features of the SPX4001 consist of an on-board hose pipe reel to get fast and simple cleanup and storage space, a 25-foot higher pressure hose pipe, and also 35-foot power wire. Cut down your outdoor cleaning tasks to size, and opt for the Joe SPX4001 Electric-run Pressure Washer coming from Sun Joe. Get your cleanings tasks easier than before.

Features of this product

There are so many profound features available of this product which you can find out from Sun Joe SPX4001 Reviews. However, I have mentioned about the features in detail here.

PSI (Pounds per square inch)
It provides 2030 PSI

GPM (gallon per minutes)
It provides 1.76 GPM

Hose length
The length of the pressure hose is about 20-ft long.

It comes with 5 Fast-Connect spray tips

Power Supply

It runs on a14.5 amp powerful motor

Dimensions & Weight
The dimension of this product is about 22 x 18 x 37 “and it weighs in at 32.4 pounds

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Additional features

  • 14.5 amp powerful motor generates as much as 2030 PSI and1.76 GPM for highest cleaning power
  • It comes with easy-glide wheels to give you maximum maneuverability
  • It has pressure select technology and by this technology you can select from two effective cleaning options – HIGH/2030 PSI to deal with your most difficult cleaning projects and LOW/1450 PSI for day-to-day grease + grime, dirt, etc.
  • It comes with 5 Fast-Connect spray tips with ranges from 0, 15, 25, 40 to tackle heavy duty, medium and light cleaning tasks
  • Total Stop System (TSS) automatically turns off the pump as soon as the trigger is not active to save the energy and extend the life of the pump
  • It consists of an extension wand and also a 25-foot higher pressure hose, GFCI protected power cord, adapter for garden hose and a needle clean-out kit
  • It also has On-board hose reel which keeps 25-feet high pressure garden hose arranged for fast and simple storage space and clean-up


  • The double tank system of Sun Joe SPX4001 electric-run pressure washer allows you to choose from one detergent to a new one based on the type of cleansing remedy which you desire for cleaning.
  • There is does not require you to manually eliminate a loaded solution in tank and substitute it with one more solution. You may fill up both detergents at the same time in the double tank and simply change from one tank to a new one having only a press of a switch.
  • The Five very easily compatible nozzles can help you choose the outcome you want to utilize which is suited to your cleaning requirement.
  • You can choose a 0 nozzle to get a higher pressured pencil point spray to 40 nozzle lower pressured fan spray. There is a soap nozzle to have that foamy output coming from the steel wand.
  • Additionally, it is provided with a cord lock technique to get a tangle free cable. The particular wheels are placed on the back to simply maneuver the Sun Joe SPX4001 electric-run pressure washer right from one place a different one.
  • It is included with an extended power cable which means you will bring it nearly anywhere you want this to be.

Sun Joe SPX4001 Reviews_Safety Lock Switch & Hose Reel


  • The Sun Joe SPX4001 electric-run pressure washer will never arrive with installation instructions therefore you will certainly have to find which part would go to a specific part.
  • The putting together although is not that hard, anybody without having knowledge in the utilization of the electric powered pressure will ever have a difficult experience placing the parts with each other.
  • Somebody who has minimum pressure cleaning knowledge won’t have any trouble in running it despite the fact that it will simply arrive with a fast reference guide.

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Consumer Ratings

This awesome and useful unit has gained the score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars from the users of this product who rated this with happiness.

In case you need assistance in reducing the time to get to thoroughly clean almost anything from truck, cemented lawn, house siding, and to your back garden gears, then this Sun Joe SPX3000 1.76 GPM, 2030 PSI electric-run pressure washer is the device to suit your needs. This particular electric powered pressure will help clean your aforementioned simply by delivering waves of the pressurized water to a place for the cleaning. Many customers have left their satisfied opinions on Sun Joe SPX4001 Reviews.

This particular device assists in the elimination of grease and grime of another device, dirt and mud on your vehicle, and also tars and stains on the concrete. With the use of this particular product, you might nevertheless have sufficient time performing other activities for making your entire day a lot more productive.

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The price of this product is the cheapest one available on the marketplace compared to others. It offers such exceptional features that will make you think that you purchased the best product but at a cheap rate. You can research online or move to your nearest store to check the price and don’t forget to compare other products. I hope you will be amazed to see this product.


Sun Joe SPX4001 offers an exceptional, light and portable design which helps you to save your dollars, however might add minutes to your task with the modest 9.45″ swath. The powerful 14.5-amp motor of wired trimmer although additionally modest, offers sufficient power to complete the job. The plastic shaft will not be extendible, and also the mind does not turn for edging. The 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is not as generous as nearly all the gadgets in our electric pressure washer reviews, however if anything does not go right in that point of time, you are covered.

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