Sun Joe Spx3001 Review
My wife “Linda” loves keeping the home clean and I mostly love to keep my car clean. Both we were looking for an amazing pressure washer and fortunately came thought Sun Joe spx3001 Review. We finally bought this one and still enjoying.

Sun Joe is a famous brand name in the world of pressure washer which evolves electric pressure washers for home utilize. Occasionally, individuals obtain baffled regarding the two similar models, SPX3001 and SPX3000 and finally end up purchasing the one which he does not want.

The majority of the features you will discover the same amongst these two most similar models, therefore, notice very carefully the variations before you buy. Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer comes with a detergent tank of 40.6 feet Oz. (1.2 L) and also it offers an onboard hose reel which some other model does not have. This particular pressure washer creates the pressure of water as much as 2030 PSI and also water flow about 1.76 GPM. With the two wheels, you may openly push the unit to your preferred location.

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Usually, it takes a great deal of work to maintain your home looking excellent throughout the year. You require various resources several months, and which is the reason why Snow Joe does not just be snow-blowers, however a range of excellent electrical home appliances for the quantity of various tasks. Amongst their number of exceptional products and solutions is their distinct pressure washers, and amongst them, Sun Joe SPX3001 is one of the greatest. If you are looking for home use pressure washer, here are our recommendation – best pressure washers for home use.

This particular is an electric powered pressure washer created for difficult work throughout the house. Also, it demonstrates. Sun Joe SPX3001 is made to offer a great deal of washing power in a small package. And it contains the type of exceptional features which make it a handy pressure washer for all of the applications. They have sufficient pressure potions to permit this to deal with a great deal of different work – and simply because it is electric powered, you can make use of it outside and also indoors.

Features of this product

PSI (Pounds per square inch)
It provides 2030 psi

GPM (gallon per minutes)
Sun Joe SPX3000 promises to provide 1.76 GPM of the water flow

Hose length
The length of the hose is about 20 in

It can spray up to 35 feet long

Power Supply
It runs on14.5 amp

Dimensions & Weight
This pressure washer weighs in at 32 pounds, and the dimension is about 33.5 x 16.5 x 14.4.”

Sun Joe Spx3001 Additional features

1. The unit arrives with an effective 14.5 Amp and1800 watt motor which creates 2030 PSI water pressure. The effective pump offers the ability to provide water 1.76 GPM (Gallon per Minute) for the optimum cleansing potential. The unit is passed by CSA for your complete security and the best performance.

2. Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer continues to be highlighted with TSS (Total Stop System) service which prevents the motor whenever you usually do not indulge the trigger. A large 40.6 Fl oz detergent tank continues to be integrated to transport the detergent easily. There are a professional type spray gun and also a spray wand which has an appropriate grip.

Sun Joe SPX3001 accessories
3. The device offers a 20-foot longer higher pressure hose and also 35 foot longer power wire which has a GFCI plug for comfy utilizing in the damp ground. Five additional nozzle tips are provided several utilize they are 0, 15, 25, 40 and also a detergent applicator nozzle to deal with light-weight, moderate and high-quality cleansing.

4. The pre- onboard storage can store the wand and spray gun, power cord, HP hose and can make the unit small in size. The load of the device is 32 pounds, and the dimension is about 16.5″ width, 33.5″ height, and 14.4″depth. They have 2 wheels connected for the handy motion of the gadget.

Sun Joe SPX3001 application


  • It offers a very powerful cleaner with the 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor
  • It may clean out 2 different grimes at the same time since it keeps 2 different detergents
  • This washes tough-to-reach places with the assist of a lengthy expansion hose, power cord and spray wand
  • This is very easily transportable because of its rear wheels.
  • This is ideal for numerous cleansing requirements with the five Fast-Connect spray nozzles.
  • This will save power since its TSS (total stop system) instantly turns off the device while you’re not using this.


  • This is related to a great deal of leaking, particularly when the adapter in hose pipe dons out.
  • This is not able to function with a few detergents, particularly the thicker.

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Sun Joe Spx3001 Consumer Ratings

Due to its high quality and overall performance, this awesome pressure washer has achieved a score of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. Read Sun Joe spx3001 Review to get a clear overview of this product and to enjoy this one.

Sun Joe SPX3000 is ideal for the majority of families. A flexible device loaded with high power, this is excellent for overall performance. This is able of dealing with a range of cleansing chores throughout the home such as cleaning the lawn equipment, trucks, boats, cars, portico, driveway, the backyard, and also a number of others.

The focus on this pressure washer is the is the 1,800-watt motor able of an amazing 2030 pounds per square inch (PSI) pressure and also 1.76 GPM (Gallon Per Minute) of water flow which guarantees optimum cleansing capability. The device is ideal for eliminating stubborn caked mud, mildew and oil stains, grease and tar stains, and rust placed on the steel surfaces.


This is the best pressure washer which is available at a cheap price. At present this unit to you may seem costly but if you take a look on other pressure washers available on the marketplace then you will find this particular product the cheapest one.

This unit will not cost you extra charges for maintenance. It has been improved concerning its durability and best features that will help you cut costs. So, it comes with an affordable price which will make you happy if you purchase this one.

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Sun Joe Spx3001


Sun Joe spx3001 Review tells you about the top features of this unit and much more that will help you make the perfect choice for you cleaning tasks. A fabulous home pressure washer such as the Sun Joe SPX3001 can make the lifestyle simpler for the everyday homeowner, and also, help them save a great deal of money in the long term.
That is simply because there are suddenly a plenty of cleansing tasks which you can perform yourself rapidly and effectively, rather of employing an expert cleaning service to deal with them. The amount of flexibility this gives is truly something you have to try out to trust.

A non-harmful to the environment pressure washer such as the Sun Joe SPX3001 generates no emissions in the time of utilize but nevertheless offers the type of severe cleansing power rating you require so that you can deal with difficult tasks throughout the yard and house. And with a lot of spray nozzle alternatives, you may usually select simply the appropriate setting for just about any work.

This particular is an outstanding small electric powered pressure washer. As soon as you have one particular, you will be amazed you ever before were living without it.

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