Sun Joe Spx1000 Review
Sun Joe generates the top selling electric powered pressure washer available on the marketplace these days in the improved and new SPX 3001 and the SPX 3000. But SPX1000 is the young brother of the two. It charges less cash and has a bit less power however on the whole it is very similar in the performance. Its exclusive feature is the weight and size. In this sun joe spx1000 review, I will describe all the important parts about this unit which will help you get this device with pleasure.

This little guy weighs in at 11.7-pound and is ideal for the light duty tasks throughout the home. This is effective sufficient to wash concrete driveways and wood decks however whatever above 25 sq feet ought to be prevented since it takes a long time. In case you have something bigger you might want to purchase a stronger device. This particular device is tedious and slow therefore do not hope a lot in case you intend on utilizing it for bigger tasks.

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For individuals who believe that an electric powered pressure washer on the high end of the size is greater than they truly require, we present the light and portable Sun Joe SPX 1000. This is ideal for easy cleaning tasks (or even for larger types, in case you truly want to invest special times with your pressure washer), with 1.45 GPM, 1400 PSI flow and a spray nozzle which is adjustable, with this Sun Joe quality you would assume. Do not purchase this if you are trying to find big-time spray, yet you will find this useful vacuum cleaner sized product a good buy for the minor things.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)
It offers 1450 PSI.

GPM (Gallon Per Minutes)
It has 1.45 GPM.

Hose Length
It has 20 feet high-pressure hose.

It comes with an adjustable spray wand.

Power Supply
It is loaded with a powerful 1400 watts motor.

It is not CARB compliant.

The dimension of this unit is approximately 19″ x 9.8″ x 12″.

It weighs in at 11.7 pounds.

Additional Features Of This Pressure Washer

Here are some of the additional features of this pressure washer explained below:

1. Light And Compact Design
This Sun Joe model offers a lightweight, rectangular shaped structure and also a suitcase similar to handle to allow you pull this around your compound whenever you need to. This is additionally incredibly light-weight, with a weight 11.7 pounds just and comes equipped with easily moving wheels which make maneuvering around very easy on the surfaces and feel comfortable.

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2. Effective
Although it offers a considerably less powerful motor when compared to SPX3000 series devices; this SPX100 is greatly perfect for its tasks. Having the 1450 PSI it generates; you might perform a great deal of cleaning throughout your compound. Also, it provides water at just 14.5 GPM that is when provided at the higher pressures improves your cleaning tasks.

3. Nozzle Tip – Adjustable
To assist you utilize water suitably, and to allow thoroughly clean various areas in the needed pressure, this model arrives with a nozzle tip which you can easily adjust to boost the water pressure in higher traffic places or even reduce the pressures in the normal areas.

4. Comes With The TSS And An Off /On Switch
The TSS engineering is especially essential to anybody who is aware with the use of their water, while a complete off/on switch and the safety lock also guarantees you make use of the device properly and no risk of damaging the motor.


  • It will sparkle any space without harming it.
  • It has safety lock which allows you to make use of this unit with complete peace of mind.
  • This unit comes with 2 yrs warranty which assures you that this unit will work more effectively.
  • This electric powered pressure washer is the most affordable unit so every person can pay for it.
  • This pressure washer makes use of very little water, therefore, it also can be known as an eco-friendly unit.
  • This Sun Joe SPX1000 electric powered pressure washer arrives with a highly powerful motor which can even take the loose paint away from your wooden surfaces. Consequently, it is a perfect option for all those who are intending to re-paint their fence.

Sun Joe Spx1000 Review Feature


  • This electric pressure washer is not perfect for heavy duty chores.
  • The water hose of this Sun Joe SPX1000 electric powered pressure washer is very small compared to many other electric powered pressure washers out there, so the users are not pleased with the length of the hose.

Consumer Ratings

This device has gained 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on different marketplaces. This unit features the low price and at the same time offers all the benefits of high quality pressure washers available on the marketplace. Many customers of this device have left so many positive feedbacks for this unit and have rated this with 4.1 stars. This is effective sufficient to wash concrete driveways and wood decks. You can clean a number of things by using this unit with ease and comfort. The users of this device recommend this unit to others highly who want to make their cleaning tasks easy and comfortable.

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Sun Joe Spx1000


As I have mentioned about the price of this device, it will price you quite low than other pressure washers available on the marketplace. This unit offers all the best features. Therefore, you can easily go for this unit if you have a tight budget.


Sun Joe SPX1000 1.45 GPM 1450 PSI Electric Powered Pressure Washer is a medium and light duty cleaning device. The cost is much less thinking about almost all the facilities and features which the device offers. This company is quite trustworthy in making the best pressure washers. This design is one of their top inventions that compete for all of the pressure washers in its category. In case you are not considering the pressure washer to make use for the commercial purpose after that you can get this particular device with no doubt. The unit provides you durability, power and all sorts of features which you require in your household cleaning.

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