Karcher K2 Plus Review
If you are searching for a light in weight, compact, pollution free, yet inexpensive pressure washer after that this Karcher K2 electric pressure washer is an excellent pick which will meet your requirements. In this karcher k2 plus review, I’m going to point out its best features, pros & cons and so on.

It has the capacity to thoroughly clean with more pressure output compared to your hose permitting you the chance to complete the job quicker and much better. We will consider a few other factors why this pressure washer is simply the one particular you requirement for the cleaning; you have to get completed around your home.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer is small and is regarded as a light-weight job pressure washers. This is ideal for cleaning your outdoor furniture, patios, deck and cars too. At under 200$ this model is reasonably priced. The TSS (total stop system) on its trigger is wonderful. The motor on this particular Karcher model just operates once the trigger is dragged. This is good since it helps it to be more silent and makes use of less power.

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This is the newer version of Karcher which is small and convenient. This does not require an entire part of the garage for storage space. This is ideal for works around the home. It is the perfect pressure washer used for cleaning the concrete, decks and washing the cars. On the whole, this particular is a fulfilling buy for individuals who do not require a commercial level pressure washer.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)
It offers 1600 PSI.

GPM (Gallon Per Minutes)
It offers 1.25 GPM.

It has patented and noncorrosive pump.

Hose Length
The hose length is approximately 14 feet.

It has VPS pipe (Vario Power Spray).

Power Supply
The power supply is approximately 120 V AC.

It is not CARB compliant.

The dimension of this unit is about 11″ x 9″ x 30.8″.

This unit weighs in at 16 pounds.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure WasherKarcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure WasherClick for latest low price

Additional Features Of This Pressure Washer

1. This Karcher K2 is unquestionably designed for light duty cleaning uses. This particular cold water pressure washer provides 1600 PSI of the pressure which can make it a perfect option for smaller sized cleaning tasks, for example, washing your car or cleaning your garage floor.

2. The pump in this K2 provides 1.25 gallons water output per minute when compared with a typical water hose which has 10 gallons output per minute. Therefore with this particular electric powered pressure washer, you can conserve a great deal on your water bill in case you clean frequently.

 Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure WasherClick for latest low price

3. This pressure washer will run from a standard 120-Volt AC outlet, and even you will be pleased to understand that it is outfitted with a ground problem circuit interrupter. This particular makes sure that when there is a modification in the voltage, then this model will instantly shut down for your safety.

4. Its motor operates on 13 amps and also the motor just comes on as soon as you press the trigger. This particular is additionally a good feature which helps you to save on both electricity and water.

5. You may deal with a quantity of various tasks with this particular device because of the vario power spray (VPS) wand. This wand enables you to modify the water pressure while you will need simply by switching the wand collar. There is additionally the Dirtblaster nozzle which is integrated with your buy of this particular pressure washer.

6. This is perfect for use on the stubborn stains. This particular device features a 360-degree rotatable pencil jet which improves efficient pressure by approximately 50%. Your buy also contains a detergent siphon tube and also a hose pipe connector to hook up to the hose.
Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure WasherKarcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure WasherClick for latest low price


  • This unit is lightweight.
  • This unit is less expensive.
  • This unit has safety lock for child
  • This unit is GFCI equipped.
  • The Siphon capability permits you to pull from the standing water rather than attaching the garden hose.
  • This unit has higher handle, therefore, you don’t need to bend as much as some other pressure washers.

Karcher K2 Plus Review Cons

  • This unit is only good for light duty.
  • This unit comes with a plastic hose connector.

Consumer Ratings

This unit has gained 4 stars out of 5 stars on different marketplaces due to its great features. Affordable, powerful and light -also may one ask from a good pressure washer which charges less than $100. This does not truly stand to the test of time however as long as this runs, you won’t have one little problem. No connection problems, no leaks, and no faulty pump or motor. The day it drops dead you are going to mourn its passing away for few of seconds and choose on getting an additional K2.27 since it is that replaceable and cheap.

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Karcher K2 Plus


If you need a less expensive pressure washer, then this would be the best one for you. This pressure washer will offer you all the best features at an affordable price. Therefore you can go for this unit having a tight budget.

Karcher K2 Plus Review Conclusion

This particular is one of the much less effective versions of electric powered pressure washers which we have analyzed. Outfitted with a 1600 PSI capacity this Karcher K2 has sufficient power manage your common household cleaning duties, for example, cleaning your vehicle or patio.

Having two different spray wands, you may deal with various ranges of cleaning having this particular pressure washer. It has a Dirtblaster spray wand which is ideal for cleaning while saving as much as 80% water as compared to cleaning with your hose.

Also, the Dirtblaster wand is perfect for harder cleaning. After that, there is the Vario power wand which provides you a higher pressure spray with the capability to blend in the detergent to get more cleaning power and also for the surfaces with accumulation.

This K2 electric powered pressure washer from the Karcher brand offers a great value for your cash and also is one of the best vendors available on the marketplace in terms of lightweight and compact electric powered pressure washers. This is simply what you require for small tasks which do not need as much brute pressure as would be required for a gas run pressure washer.

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