GreenWorks GPW1602 Review
I love my beautiful car and my garden too. But most they become dirty so I need them keep cleaning. I had to do many tasks to clean them up. But after getting GreenWorks GPW1602 pressure washer, my all cleaning task became easier than before. That’s why I thought I presented this GreenWorks GPW1602 Review for you so that you can also learn about this awesome unit.

The amazing GPW1602 Greenworks pressure cleaner is a light-weight duty unit suitable to wash your outdoor patio, car, thoroughly clean gutter of your home or even manage masonry tasks. This is compact in proportion, nevertheless, arrives with the benefit of becoming suitable with numerous accessories that may create cleansing the majority of stubborn grime attainable. The unit’s size still can make it attractive to anybody who else enjoys light-weight and simple to transport units.

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Again in the price end with this list is the GreenWorks GPW1602, this particular unit may be utilized horizontally or vertically for higher balance. Offering 1600 PSI simply in 1.2 GPM this particular small pressure cleaner will certainly boost via dirt and grime to bring back your areas. This particular is the minimum effective pressure cleaner on this list however it will still do a great task around the home and cleansing your car on a sun-drenched morning.

Additionally, it offers very a simple to use a process where the whole installation will require half a minute with 3 quite simple accessories. In case you are the type which has a tough experience with the assembling stuff, then this most effective electric pressure washer is most likely a nice option for you. Like the pressure cleaner from Snow Joe, this particular unit also offers a TSS which will quit the pump motor as soon as the unit finds that unit is eating a lot of power. This is an excellent pressure cleaner to clean away dirt, dust, and also oil, which can make it ideal for cleansing cars and also some other machinery. In case you own a number of cars or even a number of items of machinery, then that might be a perfect cleansing device for you. This model offers a One-year guarantee.

Features of this product

PSI (Pounds per square inch)

It provides 1600 psi

GPM (gallon per minutes)

It provides 1.2 Gal. per minute

Hose length

It comes with a 20 feet pressure hose for excellent reach

Power Supply

It is able to provide a constant power in Psi1600.

Dimensions & Weight

The dimension of this unit is about 1140-L x 1710-W x 940-H, and it weighs in at 1750 pounds

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Additional features

1. Universal and Powerful Motor – This Greenworks product comes with a somewhat powerful motor which is able of providing continuous power simply at a Psi 1600 rating. In the same time, the electric motor allows for a water supply level of 1.2 (GPM) Gallon per minute, to ensure that you may thoroughly clean your sidewalk and car in the quickest time as you can.

2. Arrives with an extra 400 nozzle type – The additional nozzle which is simple to link allows for a cleansing of higher traffic areas. Alternatively, the device arrives with a connectable detergent bottle to allow you to wash the majority of impacted places without difficulty.

3. Handy Onboard Storage space – Always you can keep the nozzles, spray gun, long power cord of the unit and also the spray wands onboard the unit and even easily get them anytime you require their services.

4. Lightweight Design – The device requires a lightweight design than not knowing just improves simple storage space but additionally allows excellent performance. Once again, the design of the device indicates you might put it possibly horizontally or vertically to obtain excellent balance.

5. Long and Strong power cord – This pressure washer functions a 35 foot extended power wire which is simple to link on any wall plug. On the flip side, this functions a 20 foot extended deterioration proof hose pipe to assist you to achieve the maximum of walls, or even deal with big patios.

GreenWorks GPW1602 Review Pros


  • From prior knowledge, GreenWorks warranty/customer service is excellent
  • This is one of the less expensive pressure washers you can buy right now
  • This particular will get the dust away of the cement sufficiently (not ideal, however much better than anticipated provided the price). I truly failed to anticipate this kind of an improvement using this low PSI.
  • It is very easy to put together


  • The complete matter seems fairly inexpensive. I do not necessarily anticipate any of the elements to go on for an extended time, even though with the guarantee that may not issue.
  • The connector for the hose pipe is not the most effective; leakages are simple to get
  • The electric motor may feel/sound as if it “switches the gears.” That means you can be through nearly no pressure to higher pressure to moderate pressure very easily. This particular occurs with me in the starting of a session and right after running for while does not appear to be a problem
  • The dispenser of the soap is leaky

Consumer Ratings

This unit has gained 4.3 out of 5 stars based on the interest of the consumers of this particular product.

Before buying this device, I studied GreenWorks GPW1602 Review to get complete information and then I purchased this particular to wash my Trek Deck which is gently mildewed. And my patio and garden furniture which is dirty and has its own lighting mildew. This more than likely touches this. The hose having a jet stream setting does of the same quality work. The particular 40-degree nozzle truly washes on either side of nozzle – narrow streaks on edges. The oscillation nozzle does the same task. It provides more circular narrow patterns. Heading back to the shop today, I would prefer to purchase an electric pressure washer great I am unsure whether it is sufficient.

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GreenWorks GPW1602


GPW1602 never compromises with its high quality and durability. Therefore, the price is not set high considering the demand of the consumers.

It comes with so many accessories that will save your bucks by keeping this device lasting long.

GreenWorks always provides cheap price for the consumers of this product. The price will seem cheaper when compared to its high performances and excellent features. So without any pricing issues you can get this one.
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On the whole, the pressure washer from GreenWorks is not just effective sufficient for just about any work; it is a great investment decision. It has many features which you can learn from this GreenWorks GPW1602 Review. In case you have turned off cleaning your home, vehicle, garage area, front yard or some other grimy surface area simply because you do not want to visit the cost of hiring a pressure cleaner, think about purchasing this rather. Right after you have tried it a couple of occasions, you will question how you stayed without having this, and the neighbors will certainly be pleading to borrow it!

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