Greenworks GPW 1501 ReviewWhat we have here is the best Greenworks Gpw 1501 Review which ought to offer you with adequate facts to create an effective selection. Having a pressure cleaner is certainly helpful in a number of various ways. Right of the bat this totally removes the need to check out car washes which probably will conserve you a significant amount of money, particularly if you convey more compared to one car in your home. While doing so, you are no more going to by hand clean the patios and driveways up, simply because you might very easily do that with the pressure cleaner.

GreenWorks GW 1501 is a great remedy for your medium cleaning chores, for example, cleansing the cars or patio because of its 1500 PSI. Additionally, it functions a circulation level of 1.1 GPM and also a detergent bottle. The nozzle provides three tips, a 25, 40 degree and also a lower pressure foam sprayer.

Apart from that, it may be utilized to include long ranges since it provides a 35-foot cable and 25 feet hose pipe. The straight design and style make it simple to maintain and to move.

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Features of this product

PSI (Pounds per square inch)

This particular Greenworks device offers a middle of the range pressure level of 1500 PSI. This particular is the reason why this is perfect for light tasks. It will likewise manage numerous harder tasks, nevertheless. It will be adequate for the most uses in the homes.

GPM (gallon per minutes)

It provides as much as 1.1 GPM

Hose length

It comes with a 20 feet high-pressure hose

Power Supply

It runs on a13 Amp motor

Dimensions & Weight

It weighs in at 17.5 pounds, and the dimension is about 9.45 x 17.13 x 11.42.”

Greenworks GPW 1501 Review Additional features

Additional features

1. For Challenging Purposes
Very first of almost all, the device is thought to fall into the group of high-quality pressure cleaners. This particular is because of the undeniable fact that it is about with a considerably effective 13 Amp motor. This particular motor is going to brighten, strip and it is going to clean the aimed areas certainly thoroughly. As soon as you are through with these, they are going to appear as though they are completely new.

2. Convenient
Unlike the GW170, this particular device in specific is not specified to be hand transported. Right, on the other hand, it is about in a fairly small style, and this is outfitted with wheels and also a hose pipe reel and even cable holder to the main corpus which is meant to offer you with the chance to very easily transport and store the unit. This is substantially weightier compared to the earlier one with the weight of 44.7 pounds. This particular is the reason why the producer offers favored to purpose this with wheels to be able to save you from the extra effort.

3. Flexible
The device is able of executing a range of various chores to excellence as a result of the effective electric motor which provides 1950 PSI and even 1.1 GPM. This is able of eliminating various oil stains through solid areas. This is certainly equipped to attempt almost all the mild pressure cleaning chores and also the vast majority of challenging cleansing work. This will make it very flexible and certainly provides a great deal of power.

Greenworks GPW 1501 Review Accessories


The product is additionally outfitted with a 25 feet pressure hose and also 35 feet which are particularly specified to increase your access furthermore. In the end, the gadget is powered with electricity. It has specific benefits. Despite the fact that gas-run pressure washers are proven to provide greater working pressure, they are additionally a much more costly to run and to maintain. This particular is because of the undeniable fact that gas is a much more costly compared to the electrical power and also they are additionally comprised of much more inner elements in contrast to the electric powered pressure cleaners. You can gain more facts and information from Greenworks Gpw 1501 Review to be amazed about this awesome product.

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  • The AR pre-installed detergent tank can make the use of the detergent very sassily
  • This is simple to change the nozzle to satisfy the cleaning requirements. Filth for example grime may need cleansing with a fine nozzle while you may thoroughly clean the car having a wide nozzle
  • This is light in weight and transportable for hand transporting into various cleansing places since it weighs in at 12 lbs
  • This works silently in contrast to gas run washers
  • This is simple to put together and to start


  • A few customers encounter minor leaking wherever the pressure cleaner links into the hose
  • As it is inexpensive, will not last longer than others and can be to be bothersome concerning sturdiness
  • An issue in nearly numerous of the pressure cleaners is that they trickle out. Same is the situation with GPW 1501. Besides the soap dispenser leaks, however, the hose pipe connection is as well defective.

Consumer Ratings

It has gained 4.2 stars out of 5 stars due to its high performance. GreenWorks GW 1501 pressure cleaner with 1500 PSI can make your medium and light cleaning duties simple. The various measured nozzle tips allow it to be flexible to cleansing requirements and may be relocated very easily through one place to another. The only real problem with this it may encounter a few leaking wherever the hose pipe is attached.

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Greenworks GPW 1501


You will definitely love this product’s features as well as its price. There are so may pressure washers available on the marketplace that provide low quality performance and poor features but at a high price – GPW 1501 is not like that.

GPW 1501 prices less compared to others. This unit has best functions at a cheap rate but at the same time this will provide you extended warrantee.

You should compare the price with other products before you go ahead to buy because a clear comparison of prices let you always think the best but you should also take the features and high performances into consideration.


In this Greenworks Gpw 1501 Review I have mentioned all the required things you should know about this unit which will help you make the right option. This particular is very an effective pressure cleaner as it can produce a higher quantity of pressure of approximately 1500 PSI in 1.1 GPM. Another incredible point concerning this pressure cleaner is the dimension. They have an outstanding design and style which is each quite light-weight and small at the same time. A good applicator device for soap is an extra characteristic of this unique economical pressure cleaner. Moreover, for the security of pressure cleaners, and additionally a GFCI Wire is accessible. This particular cord is approximately 35 feet. The device weighs in at only 17.5 pounds and uses 1.1 GPM (gallons of water per minute).

Still this particular is not the sturdiest pressure cleaner available on the market. Right after a month or two, it is going to begin to have leakage problems in the hose pipe and also the soap dispenser at the same time.

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