Generac 6922 2.4 GPM, 2800 PSI Pressure Washer is the most effective gas-run pressure washer which has acquired the confidence. Generac onewash reviews will meet your entire requirement for cleaning tasks within a short time.

It offers great facility to any or all people more than a long time. The unit provides 2800 PSI water pressure and also 2.4 GPM of water flow. This water pressure which the gadget offers is near to an industrial pressure washer. Particularly for home usage, the water pressure certainly you can get will be greater than sufficient. You do not have to be concerned everything with performing a difficult work.

Generac 6922 Pressure Washer Review

For quick access the durability and hose connection, Axial Cam Pump continues to be utilized in the device. The unit provides you simple flexibility through 10-inches no-flat tires and also the 4 rapidly adjustable nozzle tips that will give you a completely different feel in the cleaning tasks.

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This product is powered by gas you do not have to consider the electrical power. You may take this anyplace you wish for cleansing aim even though you may not you cannot find any electrical power. In case you mix almost all the services you can get from it, the cost will certainly appear quite less. Therefore examine almost all the functions and the excellent attributes of this particular unit before you decide to make the buy.

Features of this product

If you go through Generac onewash reviews then definitely you will be amazed to read about all the features, pros, cons and much more to be ensure about the high qualities of this product.

PSI (Pounds per square inch)
It provides 2800 psi

GPM (gallon per minutes)
It provides 2.4 GPM

It makes use of an Axial Cam Pump

Hose length
It comes with a 25-foot higher pressure hose

Power Supply

This pressure washer is gas powered

This pressure washer is CARB compliant.

Dimensions & Weight
The dimension of this pressure washer is 35.4-in x 18.8-in x 24.4-in and it weighs in at 65 pounds.

 Generac 6922 making hose connections a snap

Additional features

  • The unit makes use of Generac 196cc OHV powerful engine for the overall performance and extended lifespan. At some point it might be irritating to hook up the hose pipe to pump since the connections tend not to be soft. This makes use of an Axial Cam Pump for connecting the higher pressure garden hose together with pump very easily which will save your important time.
  • For the effortless carriage, the Generac 6922 2.4 GPM, 2800 PSI Pressure washer offers on board space for the garden hose and also spray gun. The on board with detergent container assists you to transport the detergent very easily and also the higher-pressure garden hose endures the pressure of water without difficulty. You will find a spray gun. This includes a comfy grip in order that it does not slip accidently from your own hand whenever you put it to use.
  • In addition to pro style gun to spray, you are going to obtain four different rapidly adjustable nozzle tips which consist of 0, 25, 40 degree however at the same time it has an applicator device nozzle for soap. It offers two 10″ no-flat wheels due to its simple motion with no hurdles.
  • The product weighs in at 57 pounds whenever put together and the size gets 24.4-in, 18.8-in, and 35.4-in. Whenever you go to make the buy and request home delivery then the bodyweight of the full package gets slightly greater than the bodyweight of the gadget.

 Generac 6922- Never-flat wheels


  • Powerful Engine System: The robust engine provides 2800 PSI water pressure which is near to a pressure washer for industrial purposes. Whilst cleansing you do not have to consider any pressure regarding carrying out a difficult task since the water pressure you can get will certainly be quite higher. Pressure washer effortlessly washes almost all the dust from your walls, fence, RVs, motorcycles, cars, and a lot more.
  • Hassle-free Detergent Tank: While using built-in on-board half gallon detergent container you can simply have the detergent. This provides you the relief from transporting an unneeded bucket for keeping the detergent.
  • Comfortable Spray Gun: Spray gun features a comfy grip to ensure that you may use this easily and this eliminates any sort of fatigue. This garden hose very easily hooks up with spray gun and also the various nozzle tips satisfy your numerous needs.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: To safeguard your important investment the particular Company offers you 24 months of extended warranty. In case you encounter any difficulty or even in case you discover any manufacturing deficiency then Company will certainly resolve your issue 100 % free within 24 months.


  • A few customers have enlightened that this Generac unit is a bit louder compared to some other water pressures in similar category. It may be the situation simply because of the robust engine.
  • A few of the customers have elevated the issue that the plastic-type material continues to be utilized to beautify the garden hose which may wear off upon day-to-day usage. Simply you can utilize or even get an additional garden hose in case you want.

Consumer Ratings

This unique pressure washer has scored 4.4 starts out of 5 stars due to its high quality performances.

Obviously, the vast majority of the reviewers happen to be extremely pleased with the high quality and overall performance of this particular device. No device can fulfill the requirements of everybody. Still depending on the customer opinions, the Generac 6922 is the best option for home grade pressure washer. Generac onewash reviews will help you find the best one to meet your cleaning needs.

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Do you need high quality pressure washer but at a cheap rate?? If yes, then you can opt for this product without any doubt. My users of this product have rated this as the best and cheapest one available on the marketplace. One thing I want to suggest you that don’t always look for the cheap price but also look for the quality. This pressure washer also provides you both the cheap price and the high quality performance at the same time.


In case you evaluate the cost with the benefits you will certainly find Generac 6922 2.4 GPM 2800 PSI Pressure Washer arrives on top of the list of pressure washers. The device has durability, strength and power since you wish for providing you a soft cleaning. The device resolves almost all the issues beginning with a simple to a high quality cleaning. Simply you can rely on this product. The Company continues to be creating pressure washers just for a long time. They have grown to be a well-known manufacturer. Almost all the functions and the features which the device offers put it amongst the top-rated pressure washers available in the marketplace.

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