AR Blue Clean Electric Powered Pressure Washers is one the best pressure washers available in the marketplace. AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer provided the best performance and premium quality features that some other pressure washers can hardly provide at a low price. There are so many factors that make AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer unique and put it on the top.

Learn What Makes Ar Blue Clean Power Washer Famous

Here in this post ar blue clean power washer reviews, I have described the key factors that make this brand or product famous. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Noise Level
    11 Amp motor provides amazing power but not with the connected noise. This particular babe is extremely silent even if utilizing the higher pressure spray tip.
  • Power Level
    Had been the AR Blue Clean AR383 a gas-run mower, I might have rated this as 3.5 stars out of 5 stars pressure washer. On the other hand, being an electric powered washer, 1900 PSI only at 1.5 GPM is plenty of pressure to reckon with.
  • Application
    With PSI 1,900 and GPM 1.5, there is not an individual job that this AR383 cannot carry out throughout the house. I have tried it to clean the exterior walls, my front yard, and my sidings. Almost all these duties need a ton of pressure, particularly the roof sidings because this is so high up.
  • Longevity
    One specific reason the AR383 is is victorious over the other electric run washers is longevity. Unlike some other makes and models I have used, this particular one appears to be manufactured from premium quality elements. The only real issue in my perspective as much as longevity will go the hose-adapter which has a tendency to sprout out a leak sometimes.

Customer service

AR Blue Clean is very dependable when it comes to customer service. I read several reviews that their department of customer support is very fast to answer questions, take requests and then process replacement parts.

What Are The Pros In Ar Blue Clean Power Washer Compare To Other Electric Pressure Washer?

  • The AR Blue Clean devices are super easy to be utilized and moved around.
  • The AR Blue Clean arrives with several accessories for performing numerous cleaning tasks throughout the home.
  • The devices are ideal for cleansing a variety of objects and platform. To put it differently, this is flexible when it comes to its usage.
  • The AR Blue Clean devices are included with an extended hose pipe, and with this particular, you may thoroughly clean almost everywhere without the need of pulling the hose pipe around.

What Are The Cons In Ar Blue Clean Power Washer Compare To Other Electric Pressure Washer?

  • One of the several dark sides of the devices which a few customers are not pleased with is the tendency to sprout out a leak.
  • Controlling the higher pressure hose of this device can be difficult to some extent.

AR Blue Clean Power Washer Reviews Recommendation

AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers are the top selling products on the marketplace. To learn more about them, read this ar blue clean power washer reviews. You will get the exact idea on the reliability and overall performance of the products coming from AR Blue Clean.

The Ar Blue Clean is the ideal cleansing device placed into an apparently compact package. However, the dimensions and size should not be recognized as a proof of being weak due to the fact that this compact and light gem provides plenty of power in the package.

The washer is distinctive because it can be managed by the trigger gun having a TSS (Total Stop System) which provides, even more, power to that washer. It is included with a 20 feet hose pipe that may be kept into the hose reel which is outfitted with a hand crank to help keep the hose pipe more conveniently.

This is made to allow it to be simple for constantly because the device by itself is integrated into a 2-wheeled cart base which includes the hose reel connected straightly to this.

Why AR Blue Clean AR383 Is Popular?

  • AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5GPM 1900PSI 140Amp Electric Powered Pressure Washer is known as a cold water pressure washer that runs on electricity. The frame is manufactured from Plastics, Aluminum, and Copper.
  • Its 20 foot strong and long hose pipe assists you to get the spray gun to a particular distance to the part of your backyard garden. You can easily connect the device from any part of your house having the 30-foot wire which is provided with the device.
  • The design tends to make the device simpler to keep moving around with. This pressure washer run on electricity is most beneficial compared to a standard fuel run pressure washer, and also this is much lighter, quieter and simple to use.
  • The manufacturer of this company provides you a 1-year warranty if you get this product.

What Customers Have To Say About Ar Blue Clean Ar383?

Generally speaking, AR Blue Clean AR383 appears like an amazing device in my experience. Customers have left positive feedback for this product on ar blue clean power washer reviews. It might be the top available in the marketplace but thinking about the cost it comes at, its durability and reliability; this is undoubtedly something worth having in your home. For almost any homesteader, an enduring power tool is a great thing. The truth is, usually it takes care of almost anything throughout the house.

Other AR Blue Clean models

AR390SS – More Money And Power

  • It offers 2000 psi
  • The latest model even in the market
  • It comes with nozzle storage and gun holster
  • It will charge you 50 bucks extra compared to AR383

AR118 – Weight, and Size Of A 12-Pack Of Coca-Cola

  • It weighs in at 11.7 pounds
  • It provides 1,500 PSI at1.50 GPM
  • The dimension of this device is 10-in x 14.5-in x 9-in


  • It weighs in at 18.2 pounds
  • The dimension of this device is about 18-in x 10-in x 7.5-in
  • It is cheaper than the AR383 but a little bit higher than the than AR118

Why The AR Blue Clean is the famous Brand?

For performing cleansing tasks, numerous would prefer not to do this whatsoever. Not just it requires a great deal of time but additionally uses a great deal of power at the same time to get this particular finished properly. A few areas are simple to clean, such as ceramic tile and also those with a shiny finish; however, there will usually be smudges and stains which will be challenging to eliminate.


The product brings together a low price with moderate duty power and also top quality to meet the home based requirements. The utilization of electric power assists the unit in creating less noise compared to products which are run on gasoline. The CSA International says that this unit is perfect to ensure safety. The cost of the device is a lot less than any other related devices to ensure that you can easily pay for this very easily. If you wish to keep your garden, car, house, the road in the front side of your home and a lot more things which the AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5GPM 1900PSI 14Amp Electric Powered Pressure Washer can do easily. This is going to be one of your best choices.

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