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Best Pressure Washer for Car Cleaning


Karcher K 2.350For highly meticulous people, when it comes to their vehicles, having the best pressure washer for car cleaning would be the best way to keep a car spotless. Many car owners prefer to wash their cars at home since it’s more of a tradition than a habit for them. But even if car owners wash their cars on their own, they never seem to get the level of cleanliness that they want. The typical garden hose and bucket are tools that make washing their cars labor-intensive and time-consuming. This is why they still go to the car wash. The best pressure washer for car cleaning could easily save you money and time.

If you have every essential tool in washing your beloved car like towels and vacuum cleaners, why not include the best pressure washer for car cleaning in your car wash cleaning kit? Pressure washers have thirty seven times the pressure of a regular garden hose. They are very handy in removing very tough stains or dirt on your vehicle. Having the best pressure washer for car cleaning would make a difference in cleaning your car. You don’t want to buy a second rate pressure washer. With the best pressure washer for car cleaning, you won’t have to pay for a car wash anymore.

Using the Best Pressure Washer for Car Cleaning

Using the best pressure washer for car cleaning is not similar to using a hose and a scrub. Remember that you’re going to wash with highly pressurized water.

Consider the following in using the best pressure washer for car cleaning:

The trigger gun

The trigger gun of the best pressure washer for car cleaning makes use of a ball, a seat, and a spring so that the flow of water could be controlled. Once the trigger is released, the ball falls into position through the water pressure and spring action. This immediately stops the water flow and puts the unloader valve to by-pass level.

When you squeeze the trigger, the water pressure, in combination with the spring, removes the ball from its seat. This results to water flow from the nozzle. Make sure to check the trigger gun for any detergent accumulation. You could also have your trigger serviced for maintenance.

First time using pressure washers

If it’s your first time to use a pressure washer, remember that you should avoid using it in the by-pass mode for prolonged periods. This is the mode wherein the water pressure continues to run but the spray gun isn’t being used. The water then circulates within the pressure pump. Even the best pressure washer for car cleaning will overheat and the pump will be damaged. If you need to do something for a while, just turn the washer off.

Proper wattage

The best pressure washer for car cleaning is supposed to have a quiet run each time. This cleaning system doesn’t emit any fumes or consume any fuel. Also, consider your home’s electrical wiring. Most pressure washers use a 220 voltage. Make sure to double check the voltage requirement of the unit before you purchase or use it.


Before you start using the best pressure washer for car, take note of the following guidelines:

1. Never use a ladder because the water pressure’s back kick will throw you off balance.
2. Make sure that you are not wearing any jewelry and other accessories so as to avoid injury.
3. Never point the pressure washer at a person or ever try to wash your skin with it. It will peel your skin off because of the tremendous pressure.
4. Wear proper protective clothing and protective eyewear.

Karcher K 2.350

How to Properly Clean Your Car with a Pressure Washer

The following are some useful steps that you should take note of in cleaning your car using the best washer for car cleaning:

Preparation of your car for pressure washing

• Use the hose with two hands and practice on a small area to get used to the jet
• Practice overlapping movements so as to avoid stop and start marks
• Adjust the pressure so that it won’t do any damage to the car’s surface
• Never use dishwashing or laundry detergents on your vehicle because the pressure and the harsh chemicals damage its finish
• Use an appropriate cleaning chemical with the pressure washer


• Rinse thoroughly
• Never neglect the bottom part of the vehicle
• Use the chemical injection system when applying the appropriate detergent
• Make overlapping and smooth strokes starting at the lower part of the vehicle, upwards (5-10 minutes should be the duration so that the solution could work)
• The rotating brush attachment will help loosen the grime.
• Rinse with high pressure from the top, moving downwards
• Don’t spray too close to the car because the pressure will damage it

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer – The Karcher K 2.350 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher K 2.350If you want the best pressure washer for car cleaning, then the Karcher K is the one for you. It can be transported on any terrain with its sturdy wheels. Its trigger gun has a stop function and its motor only runs when you spray. This lessens the power consumption and the noise. The VPS or the vario spray wand can be used if you want a cleaning that’s less intense.

You could just twist the wand to the lowest level so that the detergent could be automatically applied through the siphon tube. You could also use the Dirt Pressure spray wand that increases the pressure to 50%. You could effectively use the Karcher K to save a lot in car wash fees.

Why Should You Spend Time Finding the Best Pressure Washer?

The best pressure washer for car cleaning is a tool that you should always have in your garage so that you could assure yourself that your car always has that professional level of cleanliness. What’s more, the best pressure washer for car cleaning you purchase could save you a lot of time waiting for your turn in packed car wash centers.

With the use of the best pressure washer for car cleaning, you could plan on buying that car accessory you’ve always wanted because you will have extra money to spend.

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