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AR Blue Clean AR116 Review

AR Blue Clean AR116 Review

​An AR Blue Clean AR116 review should help a person comprehend the many reasons to consider this pressure washer. This type of unit comes in handy around the house, especially when it becomes necessary to clean large areas that usually require a great deal of time and effort. For example, house siding, patio furniture, or sidewalks will be easily cleaned or dirt and debris.

​Anyone looking to buy a pressure washer should compare different units before making a final decision. Every machine will offer various features and benefits. It is important to consider things like how much pressure is provided, number of cleaning units, and spray features that are available. Here is a closer examination of the AR Blue Clean AR116.


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​PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

Pounds Per Square Inch is the amount of power that will be provided to rid an area of grime. A residential machine normally includes 1,300 to 2,600 PSI. This unit provides 1,450 PSI, which is well within normal range.


Gallons Per Minute is the measurement that displays how much water is used under a set pressure. This power washer provides a maximum 1.35 GPM.

Cleaning Units (Water Pressure X Water flow)

Cleaning units is a calculation found from multiplying water pressure times water flow. This number displays how effective a unit will be at ridding an area of stubborn debris. Most times, it is advised to purchase a machine that has a high number of cleaning units. The more cleaning units, the better the results will be. This particular power washer will provide 1,957.50 cleaning units, which shows that it will be very effective at cleaning tough dirt.


It is helpful to learn about what pump is included in a power washer. This unit has a durable Annovi axial radial drive three piston pump with tempered stainless steel plungers. It will be extremely durable and provide years of cleaning power.

Power Supply

It is important to discuss how a pressure washer gets its power. This type of machine is run by gasoline or electricity. This AR Blue Clean 116 is electric powered. This brings advantages including the fact that it is easy to maintain and never becomes blocked with oil or gasoline. Also, there are no dangerous fumes emitted during use, so it can be sprayed in a garage or closed space without worry.

Hose Length

An important feature of a pressure washer is its hose length. A unit with a long hose will be able to reach difficult areas. It will also prevent a person from having to move the machine numerous times while at work. This pressure washer has a 20 foot hose, which is long enough to reach various items at the same time.


The most important feature of a pressure washer is its spray. This unit has a high pressure hose lance with an adjustable nozzle. This will allow a user to choose between a fine pencil spray or a wider fan jet setting. A machine with this capability lets a user clean numerous items including a car, glass, or cement without worry.

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 9 1/2 inches

Width: 10 1/2 inches

Height: 19 inches

Weight: This power washer is extremely lightweight. It weighs under 20 pounds, which means that it will be portable and easy to store.

Additional Features

There are many helpful features that should be mentioned about the AR Blue Clean 116 pressure washer. To begin, the pump is made made by the largest privately owned Italian company. This assures quality and durability. Also, there is a Total Stop System. This means that the unit's power is controlled by an upright trigger design. The motor will shut down when the trigger is released to extend motor life. This assures that the machine will last for many years. The handle is ergonomically styled to be easy on the hand. There are safety features built into the unit as well. For instance, there is a locking mechanism that prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging when not in use. Finally, there is an automatic safety valve with pressure shut off at the pump head.


Even though no accessories are included at time of purchase, many are available to go along with this pressure washer.  

A person may wish to buy various nozzles and cleaning supplies to accomplish different tasks.

AR Blue Clean AR116 Review


There are multiple positive benefits that come from owning this machine. The built in accessory holder offers quick access to various accessories and also provides a place for storage. The attachable soap bottle is convenient as well. The numerous safety features will keep people from becoming injured. Finally, the best part of the machine is the one year warranty. This provides peace of mind at time of purchase. A person is guaranteed that the unit will function properly.


There are very few cons to mention here. The biggest complaint is the vague directions. However, customer service is extremely useful and will help a customer navigate the assembly process.

Consumer Ratings

The best way for a person to understand the function and quality of this unit is to learn how other users have rated this pressure washer. Reviews were very good. The machine received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 24 reviews. This shows that most consumers were pleased with this purchase.


AR has been in business for over 50 years. It has the reputation of providing the world's highest quality pressure pumps. This model is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for an affordable way to complete light washing projects. It will be much more expensive to hire a team of professionals to come and clean areas of the home. Instead of straining the body to clean large items, the AR116 provides 1.2 horsepower to get rid of dirt with ease. The additional safety features are a major bonus. This review ends with a recommendation to anyone looking for a portable and quality constructed pressure washer.

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